Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does it cost?

  2. Are there any other costs involved to send SMS

  3. How do I buy credits?

  4. Do you offer other discounts?


  1. Will the system allow 100 or more simultaneous messages?

  2. Do you provide status reports for the undelivered messages?

  3. How long does it take to deliver messages?

  4. Do you support two-way SMS?


  1. How do I register?

  2. What does enter only alphanumeric and "_" mean?

  3. How do I Log in?

  4. I got the activation code. Now what?

Why choose us?

The strategy of Dial2SMS.com has always been to provide standard platforms to allow any client to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS campaigns or SMS for customer relationship management.

99.99% uptime

Our award winning engineering team has made sure to keep the alerts coming from all over the world, not depending on outages in one specific location.

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Clients Dig Us

Current Dial2SMS.com clients include financial services institutions, clubs and societies, and companies that need to communicate with mobile support staff.


We've been Dial2SMS customers for over three years, and I'm very satisfied with the service.

— Raymond Gutierrez, CEO